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When Native Culture reaches the world – miracles get born!!

by Terry Van Loenen &  Johnson Yazzie

Eagle Dancer

22” x 24” x 18”

Series of 24


Above the mesa, among the villages, singers beat the drums in a rhythmic sound like the falling rain on dry, rustic earth. The sound reverberated among the monumental red canyon walls of the mesa. The singers and drummers hoped to reach the Eagle god of rain. 


They were in awe when a dark cloud appeared. Thunder roared in the distance and then from the cloud a spirited Eagle swooped to the Earth’s surface in agreement with the chanters' wishes.


Rain is essential for crops. The Pueblo Indians of the southwest celebrate the start of planting season with drums and songs. They call on the Eagle spirit of the sky to bring forth moisture. The people of the Eagle Dance today were part of a larger ceremony—one that their forefathers practiced for bringing rain at this time of the year for the crops.


The wing of the Eagle embraces all elements and characters in this sculpture. The great wing emphasizes semi-symmetry, balance, beauty, unity and the flow of composition.


The Eagle Dancer is representing goodness, moisture in the form of clouds and rain and blessings for the people.

Each piece has one of the kind custom base made either of Arizona natural wood or a sandstone.

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